Scripted alert notifications in RHQ

Since RHQ3, we support "alert sender" server plugins. Basically an alert sender is a piece of code that can generate some sort of response to the firing of an alert.

There’s a whole bunch of these in RHQ, including:

  • emails – sending emails to the configured addresses that an alert occured within the system
  • roles, users – notifying members of given roles or users about the alert
  • mobicents – sends SMS messages about the alert
  • log4j – writes a log entry when the alert fires
  • operation – executes an operation on some resource in the RHQ inventory when the alert fires

This blog post is about a new such alert sender that is capable of executing a CLI script.

RHQ has a command-line client, the CLI, which is able to remotely connect to an RHQ server and execute commands on it. Basically the CLI enables the users to use the Remote API of the RHQ server in a Javascript environment.

Now with the CLI scripts as the alert notifications you have the same power at your fingertips as you have in the CLI directly on the server. The scripts can do literally anything you can do in your CLI scripts.

As an example, consider the following script:

 * This script is supposed to be notifying about alerts on a web application.
 * It will save some stats into a file on the RHQ server and then invoke a bash
 * script if it finds it necessary.

//get the proxied resource so that I can use the more convenient syntax than 
//just the raw calls to the remote APIs
//notice the predefined variable 'alert' that contains the object of the alert that is being 
var myResource = ProxyFactory.getResource(

//find the metric (aka measurement) for the "Sessions created per Minute"
//this will give us the picture about the load on the web app
var definitionCriteria = new MeasurementDefinitionCriteria()
definitionCriteria.addFilterDisplayName('Sessions created per Minute')

var definitions = MeasumentDefinitionManager.findMeasurementDefinitionsByCriteria(definitionCriteria)

//only continue if we have the definition
if (definitions.empty) {
   throw new java.lang.Exception("Could not get 'Sessions created per Minute' metric on resource " 
var definition = definitions.get(0)

//start date is now - 8hrs
var startDate = new Date() - 8 * 3600 * 1000 //8 hrs in milliseconds
var endDate = new Date()

//get the data of the metric for the last 8 hours, chunked up to 60 intervals
var data = MeasurementDataManager.findDataForResource(, [ ], startDate, endDate, 60)

exporter.setTarget('csv', '/the/output/folder/for/my/metrics/' + endDate + '.csv')

//the data contains an entry for each of the definitions we asked the data for...

//ok, we've exported the stats
//now we want to make sure that our database is still running

//let's suppose the resource id of the datasource is "well-known"
//we could get it using criteria APIs as well, of course
var dataSource = ProxyFactory.getResource(10411)

//now check if the datasource's underlying connection is up
//There is an operation defined on a "Data Source" resource type, which we can call
//as a simple javascript method on the resource proxy
connectionTest = dataSource.testConnection()

//the result will be null, if the operation couldn't be invoked at all or if it took
//too long. Otherwise it will be a configuration object representing the operation
//results as defined by the operation definition.
//In this case, the result of an operation is a configuration object with a single
//property called "result" which is true if the connection could be established and 
//false otherwise
if (connectionTest == null || connectionTest.get('result').booleanValue == false) {
    //ok, this means we had problems connecting to the database
    //let's suppose there's an executable bash script somewhere on the server that
    //the admins use to restart the database

In another words, it is quite powerful 🙂

There is a design wiki page with documentation of the feature, if you’re interested in reading more about it:

There’s the brand new RHQ 4.0.0.Beta1 out that contains this new feature. Go check it out!

For the impatient, I recorded a short screencast of the new feature in action.

It is best viewed in HD but for that you have to view it directly on Just click the “HD” in the video.

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  1. Michael Foley Says:

    nice demo Lukas of this feature! very helpful!

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